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Don’t let your sexual activity exceed your level of commitment.You are not committed to anyone until you have talked about whether it is mutual.We want to date, but the chances of being successful depend on how you define success.If that means having sex, then a meaningful relationship isn’t in your plans.If you just raked your ex over the coals, don’t brag about it.That kind of stuff in no way will impress a potential date. Chances are, either they themselves were, or someone they know was, treated unfairly in a divorce, and you become an easy target.

Most divorced people learn this after they’ve been doing the dating thing for a while and nothing solidifies.The general rules for “re-entry dating” are like the general rules in life. Plan B is what got you through when alcohol was not an option!They are the unwritten codes of conduct that most of us understand but don’t always follow. So before you talk yourself out of it, here are a few general rules for that uncomfortable first post-divorce date. When it comes to dating, always have something to do later. You can pick which meals, but I recommend starting with just coffee. It is short and sweet and, if you hit it off, it could turn into lunch.Spend your money wisely; keep the first date short and sweet. Plan B is what paid the mortgage the first month after you were separated.

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